Site Design

These flexible pages were designed based on the philosophy of Daoism (Dao of Web Design). Font sizes are controlled entirely by the browser settings of the reader's computer (adjust text size). Page layouts will adapt for display on a wide range of monitor sizes, screen resolutions and window sizes. Page layouts were made mostly without tables to allow each picture to display independently as soon as it downloads. Even with clean, precise, minimal XHTML/CSS code some page download times may be a little long, but hopefully readers will hang in there for the large, clear pictures of epic scenery.

These pages were tested to ensure that they looked good when viewed using a wide range of relatively modern hardware and software. These pages degrade acceptably when viewed on many types of older equipment and older software.

This website was designed to be highly accessible as described in my Accessibility Statement.

The pages within this website meet the following Internet standards:

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Section 508 and AAA Web Accessibility was validated using A-Prompt software - Adaptive Technology Resource Center, Univ Toronto